The design happens in the liberal city of Antwerp, Belgium. Antwerp, among fashionistas known for it's world famous Fashion Department in the Royal Acadamy of Fine Arts, provided the perfect playground to perform the creative work for our collection. Through our work with love and never ending perfectionism, we now proudly present to you The Elements Line: a collection in which classical and timeless elements seamlessly blend with the personal touch of our designer and contemporary influences, creating refined jewellery fit for every occasion.

At the same time, we succeeded in contracting a network of suppliers which meet all criteria when it comes to environmental, quality and social standards. This way, we can guarantee that our products are truly produced in the right way. We carefully select all of our materials and only use the very best production processes to ensure you get the timepiece you deserve. We have a close and daily cooperation with our production partners, which is based on mutual trust and respect.

This is how we collaborate at KOBLA : having solid processes, living up to our commitments and creating a relationship far beyond what the a 'normal' business thinks is possible.

If you want to know all about our current achievements when it comes to sustainability and social wellbeing, please click here.

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