Craftsmanship and Sustainability.

KOBLA is based in Antwerp and was founded by Wim Loridan in 2016. Wim is a craftsmanship enthusiast to the very core of his soul. Next to watchmaker he also is a trained shoemaker. 'Nothing beats the purity you experience when you handcraft raw materials, bring them together and shape them into a product,' Wim always says.

Beyond his care for- and the need to give craft its proper attention, he realized that he did not want just any brand. With KOBLA, he brings timepieces with an ageless character and with respect for materials and their origin.

Nature and our shared future have an important place in the development of the KOBLA brand. During a trip along the Mekong delta through Southeast Asia, Wim saw up close the consequences of waste and the saturated use of raw materials. The contrast of paradisiacal tropical beaches that had been reduced to a garbage dump brought the realization that old and used products must be seen as new raw materials. Hence his choice to work mainly with recycled materials or to be sustainable in the choice of vegetable tanned leather.

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