KOBLA was founded in 2016 out of the sheer conviction that people deserve to live a conscious lifestyle without having to compromise on quality or aesthetics in their way of living. Looking sharp, acting consciously!

Acting consciously starts with respecting the natural resources our earth provides. This is why we use recycled materials instead of newly mined raw materials. We also operate 100% carbon neutral from design to delivery.

We choose not to go for the stereotypical eco-look, because KOBLA can’t be framed nor limited by its vision to create sustainable accessories. We don’t think in predefined boxes. Join the experience!


We offer contemporary accessories with a refined and timeless design, while we aim to reduce our footprint in every single step we take.
From design to delivery, our entire value chain operates 100% carbon neutral. By using  recycled stainless steel and recycled nylon in our production processes, we strongly reduce the amount of natural resources we use. We only have one planet so we should take care of it. Other achievements and commitments regarding sustainability can be found here.


All artwork happens in the liberal city of Antwerp, Belgium. Through our work with love and never ending perfectionism, we present to you watches and bracelets in which timeless elements seamlessly blend with the personal touch of our designer and contemporary influences. The result is eye-catching jewellery fit for every occasion.


Our watchmakers are nothing less than skilful artists, working to deliver the perfect timepiece to our customers. When sourcing our materials, we succeeded in contracting a network of suppliers which have the same vision when it comes to environmental, quality and social standards. We carefully select all of our materials and only use the very best production processes to ensure you get the timepiece you deserve.
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