Partnerships - 10% to Charity Projects

We are proud to announce partnership agreements with 3 beautiful charity organisations which support sustainability and/or social wellbeing in their own unique ways. To support our partners in realising their admirable goals, we will donate an unprecedented 10% of our selling price to our partnership charity organisations. And the best thing is: upon check-out of your product it’s up to you to choose the exact charity project you want to support. Our advice: just follow your heart!

  • Eyes for The World
  • Elephant Haven
  • BOS+

Why do we donate 10% of our revenue towards charity? Well, supporting organisations which make huge efforts to contribute to the values we hold close to our hearts, brings something which money can’t buy: lots of happiness and positive energy! In order to help you make your choice, please find below more information about our partners.


Eyes for The World

Everyone, all over the world, has the right to see well. Unfortunately there are still a lot people who live in poverty and thus can’t afford the eyeglasses they desperately need. Seeing well is essential for them to take part in society and to receive the education they need for building a better future. Eyes for the World strives to help people to regain their vision in different countries all around the world. When choosing which specific project to support, we couldn’t deny our Belgian roots. This is why we have chosen to support the project which provides glasses to underprivileged families in Belgium. For merely 20€, we will be able to help a person regain his or her vision. This means that one KOBLA watch, will help one person to see again. For the future, we leave all opportunities open to expand to different countries. If you would like to get to know more about Eyes for the World, please visit their website at


Elephant Haven

Elephants are the most impressive, emotional and intelligent animals living on our planet. Rightfully so, more and more countries are forbidding the use of these wonderful animals in circuses, where they suffer from a lack of space and mental torment. But where do they have to go after they ‘retire’? Elephant Haven is the first European sanctuary for homeless circus elephants. It is located in France and founded by former Belgian zoo keepers and true animal lovers. Elephant Haven provides a home for these elephants in the middle of nature, where they can simply be elephants again and enjoy a safe haven for the rest of their lives. If you would like to get to know more about Elephant Haven, please visit their website at



Let’s make earth a better place through planting trees! Trees absorb CO2 from the air, create clouds by releasing water vapour, prevent soil degradation and so much more! They are vital for our planet and to all of us living on it. BOS+ doesn’t only plant trees, they also educate people and governments about the importance of sustainable forest management. KOBLA will support the forestation project of BOS+ in Belgium. With our donations, BOS+ will buy grounds and plant trees on them, creating our very own KOBLA-forest. Because BOS+ will effectively own the grounds, our trees will never be threatened and we will create a forest which is there to stay. If you would like to get to know more about BOS+, please visit their website at