Our Antwerp based design process

Patented Designs with a Conscience.

Our vision to deliver sustainable luxury lays at the very heart of our design process. It starts with the creative part, by drawing the watch sketches and putting our ideas on paper. Drawing by hand provides a taste of craftsmanship, which will be also critical in the making of our watches. Each part is carefully considered to fit the concept we have in mind. Our designs are always built upon organic forms, respecting the attributes of the materials used.

Our drawings will be the groundwork for the technical plans, which we make with specialised software. These plans specify every single watch component up to 0.01mm precise. This is the level of detail needed for the handing over to the craftsmen in our ateliers.

We have patented our designs to protect their unique character.

1. Brainstorm & Sketch
We soak in inspiration and put some rough sketches on paper.
2. Watch Drawing by Hand
Carefully drawings are drafted by hand, defining every detail of the watch.
3. Technical Drawing
Using specialised software, we specify every component up to 0.01mm precise.
4. Proto Type vs. Watch Drawing
Prototypes are matched meticulously with the drawings and revised if necessary.
5. Approval Final Proto Type
Only when the prototype is a perfect reflection of our initial drawing, it gets approved.
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